In diesem neuen Buch beschreibe ich meine persönliche innere Forschungsreise der letzten Dekade. Du kannst es jetzt auf Startnext unterstützen und ein Erstexemplar erwerben.

Maria Toto, Wellbeing Project

Im Corozän gerät das Gleichgewicht zwischen unseren beiden konträren Grundbedürfnissen nach “Sicherheit” und “Freiheit” aus dem Gleichgewicht. Diese Erfahrungen haben mir geholfen sie neu herzustellen.

Immersive Performance Wald der Verlorenen Väter, Fotos Barbara Lenartz

At last, the time has come. For five years now I’ve been wishing for a space where people that work to serve the public good can strengthen and regenerate themselves. A space where they can reflect upon their own activities and develop new inner and outer competencies that make them happier and more effective in their work.

Photo: Simon Kiepe & Joe | Unsplash

Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Yehudit Sasportas, Kelim* Print no 1A/6 75x115 cm, 2019, Chapter no 2, Liquid Desert Project (*Kelim — vessel in Hebrew) Clay pots, ink drawings, indoor installation — the artist studio window, long exposure photography, archival pigment print. The sculptures were all made of clay and carefully drawn with the images of a swamp in northern Germany, as reflected by the artist’s eye. Courtesy of the Artist, Copyright ©Yehudit Sasportas & VG Bild-Kunst

How to do a distributed photoshoot during the travel restrictions

A few months ago, my co-author of “New Work needs Inner Work” Bettina and I decided to design an online course about new fluid and decentralised ways to lead and collaborate. At the time, we certainly didn’t envision the world to be turned upside down by the day of the launch. But that’s just what happened and we feel that our course can make a real contribution to the crisis we are in.

Wie ein Meditationsraum unsere Arbeit verändert

joana breidenbach

anthropologist, co-founder of and betterplace lab, most recently co-founder of Das Dach

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